Seawind 1009
You are spending your vacation in one of the most beautiful beaches in all of God's creation. Our home will be yours to enjoy for only a brief time; but that time can bring relaxation, joy and great memories. We sincerely hope your visit exceeds your expectations.

There are few things to keep in mind...

First, this is a home, rather than a hotel. There is no desk clerk available after hours, no maid service or room service. In your arrival packet, you will be provided a contact number in case of any mechanical emergency, however.

After check-in at the Seawind Amenities Building, you may park on any of the parking deck's 3 levels. Leave your parking pass in view and find a luggage cart. (No need to overload it...this is a vacation, remember?) Take the elevator to the 10th floor, turn right & go all the way to the end to 1009.
Please do not bring the luggage cart inside.
Guard your key...see how the door can easily leave you locked out?

Welcome inside!

Savor the view from the balcony, smell the gulf breeze, hear the surf and, above all, slow down

As you decide who will sleep where, take a look at the "Guest Info" book. You may have to dig around for it. It has instructions about the 2 sleeper sofas & info about the linens for them—and maybe it still has some free gumbo coupons. On second thought, why not print out some now, just in case:

Sea-n-Suds Coupon Link

Before you go to the pool or hot tub, put on a yellow wrist band...
You may as well wear it to the beach, too.

The Kitchen is fully equipped; but no food (even salt & pepper) will be here.
Consider bringing your favorite spices; but it's simple & no more expensive to do your shopping in the area. Walmart, Target & Publix are a short drive away. Several local grocers and fish markets, too.

Map Link

full size laundry is your includes a drying rack, iron & ironing board. Open the water heater closet & notice the plunger.
Bathrooms have hairdryers & a starter set of towels.
Each TV has a DVD player & connections for your video games.

Now for the lists...

___ Food (see above)
___ Coffee Filters
___ Foil, zip bags,napkins, paper plates, etc.
___ Dish liquid, counter wipes
___ Dish washer soap
___ Laundry detergent
___ Toilet paper, tissue, paper towels (a starter supply of each is supplied)
___ Garbage bags (tall kitchen size)

___ Extra bath towels may come in handy
___ Crib sheets for the Pac-n-Play. (It is supplied; but the sheets are not.)

___ Ice chest & reusable ice blocks
___ Beach towels, blanket and all the gear
___ Umbrella / Chaise Rental service available on the beach
___ Lots of high SPF sunscreen
___ Aloe Vera gel is a good burn treatment; avoidance is better...
___ A small bottle of Windex (treats jellyfish stings, just in case)
___ Other first aid supplies i.e at least a pack of Bandaids
___ Beach shoes
___ Cash

___ Cameras
___ Laptop. Wifi is free.
___ Chargers & batteries
___ Binoculars
___ Flashlights, one for each sandflea chaser
___ Fishing gear — Fishing license is

Fishing license online purchase link

___ Charcoal +/- lighter fluid
___ Matches or lighter for grill
___ You favorite grill tongs, just in case

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